Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The iPad right for sheet music

Here is one reason to buy an iPad for musicians. The iPad is great for reading sheet music off of. I can see it now the iPad in front of an orchestra.

via Gizmodo

JooJoo tablet only sold 90 units?

A new document from the TechCrunch lawsuit states that Fusion Garage only sold 90 preorder of the JooJoo. And 15 of those preorders were canceled. The JooJoo tablets that were made are held up in Los Angeles right now.

via Engadget

iPad rush delivery same as standard?

Gizmodo points out that rush and standard delivery will arrive in people's hands on April 3rd. So what does the extra $12 get you? Apparently that is unknown as Gizmodo inquired to find that all iPads that preorder would arrive in April 3rd.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

iPad clone

Before the launch of the iPad we already have a knockoff iPad called the "new iPad". This fake is not that cheap though at $290. From the picks this is a major pass as it looks pretty poor quality.

via Redmond Pie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marvell's Moby Tablet

The Moby Tablet will be targeted at the education sector as a all in one device. It can be an Internet device, Ebook reader, Netbook, and more. And the $99 price tag makes it attractive for mass production. The first Moby Tablet is shipping to a pilot for at-risk schools in Washington D.C.

via ZDnet

zenPad Android Tablet for cheap

The Enso zenPad Android Tablet is ready to go in your hands with one click on the ebay auction HERE. The zenPad looks to be the same as the Wallet MID we seen before. It will feature a 5 inch resistive touchscreen, Android OS, 1GB built in memory and 8GB microSD.

JooJoo shipping soon?

After forever being in preorder looks like the JooJoo is ready for launch. The website has been updated with no words of preorder. So people suggest it may actually be shipping soon. We can't verify anything until someone comes forward who purchased one.

via Slashgear

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Preorder the RAmos W7 at AllPMP for $218.99

The RAmos W7 is set for an April release date. And you can pick up the 8GB version for $218.99.

Preorder now HERE

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Preorder RAmos W7 Android MID at House of DAP

House of DAP has the RAmos W7 available for preorder. The W7 is due out sometime in April. The price at HOD is $236 for 8GB and $286 for 16GB.

Preorder now HERE

Saturday, March 13, 2010

iPad sells 120,000 iPads in 24hrs

According to unofficial reports, the iPad has sold around 120,000 iPads in the first 24hrs. As expected the majority going for the 16GB WiFi only device.

via AfterDawn

iMito IM7 Tablet

The iMito IM7 is a rebranded tablet of the Mag Digital Tablet. The Mag Digital Tablet was shown at a trade show. And it looks like a Chinese company pick it up for sale in China.

Specs include
7" TFT LCD resistive touch screen, WVGA resolution (800x480)

ARM11-based processor at 800MHz


Built-in 4GB NandFlash with support for MicroSD cards up to 32GB

High-Speed USB OTG 2.0, and USB Host 1.1

Built-in 1400mAh lithium polymer battery

1080p Full HD video playback

Built-in HDMI video output interface

Built-in 300,000 pixel VGA webcam and microphone

Built-in GPS Navigation Module

Built-in WiFi

Support for external 3G Module

Built-in G-Sensor/Accelerometer

via Pocketables

Friday, March 12, 2010

50K Apple iPad Pre-Orders In 2 Hours

Today was preorder day for the iPad and already 50,000 preorders happened in 2hrs. So it could potentially sell as much as a million by tomorrow. This is rough estimate so it could prove false.

via Information week

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hott MD500 rebranded RAmos W7?

The Hott MD500 is making the rounds on gadget blogs. But I have to wonder if this is just a rebranded RAmos W7 since they use the same form factor. The W7 will have 8GB and 16GB models. While this may have no built in memory which is the reason for the lower price I'm assuming. Check out the video and see why it is so Hott.

Huawei SmaKit S7 Android Tablet

Android tablets will be big this year and here is a new one. The Huawei SmaKit S7 Android Tablet features a 7 inch touchscreen, 720P video support, HDMI Output, 3G and Wifi. The release date is in Summer 2010.

via itechnews

JooJoo hits FCC

If believed the JooJoo is set for release at the end of the month. So JooJoo has sent there info to the FCC for approval. Some things that were dug up were a 3G sim card slot, and Nvidia ION Chip inside, and Atom N270.

iPad preorders start tomorrow

If you plan on preordering the iPad then get your clocks ready as the iPad will be available for preorder starting tomorrow at 8:30 am eastern time.

JooJoo gets updated UI

Fusion Garage with the delay has had time to update the JooJoo updated UI. The JooJoo needs any advantage it gets. The new interface looks far better than the previous plain UI. Also the JooJoo will allow you to playback video off of USB. And in addition the device will support flash sites like Youtube.

via Engadget

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RAmos W7 MID launching April?

This according a beta tester who is testing the RAmos W7 before launch. MP4nation forum user Hinagiku says that the release date for the RAmos W7 MID will be in April. It has been quite a while since we heard about this product. But now we are starting to see videos and demos of the RAmos W7 on video sharing sites. So it should be very soon that they release this product.

via MP4nation forum

Year of the Tablet continues with 50 ARM tablets

Looks like we can see at least 50 ARM Tablets by the end of the year. Some have already debut at CES and CeBIT trade shows. And at Computex in June more will arrive. Most of these tablets will be sold in China but some maybe pick up in the states and possibly subsidized with phone carriers.

via ComputerWorld

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Barco Clinical Tablets

The medical field will get two new tablets from Barco. These tablets are not quite as sexy as the iPad but they are very rugged to get the job done.

via MedGadget

Apple iPad Official TV Commercial

The first iPad commercial was shown during the Oscars. Check out the uploaded video now.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Details of the Microsoft Courier

Engadget has some more details on the Microsoft Courier tablet/ebook device/digital journal. The Courier is being called a digital journal that is only an inch thick, weighs around a pound, and is about the size of a 5x7 photo. The device will have Tegra 2 built in and use the same OS as Zune HD and Windows Mobile 7 series phones.

The Courier will be pen driven meaning you can write and draw on the device. It will also have a built in camera, media playback function, and ebook reading.

via Engadget

Monday, March 1, 2010

iPad delayed?

The rumor milling is churning that the iPad maybe delayed due to “an unspecified production problem at the iPad’s manufacturer." This is likely since no can preorder as of yet and no word if the iPad has passed the FCC yet either.

via Mashable

RAmos W7 PDF and DOC viewing video

The yet released RAmos W7 Android MID is shown off for it's eBook reading. The video shows eBook reading the device. No word on when this MID will be released but it at least appears to be nearing release soon.

Watch video HERE